Three month program to take your business to six figures and beyond, includes:


Monday Mindset Group Coaching Call (recorded and added to the online course)

Thursday Training Group Coaching Call (recorded and added to the online course)

Fridays 2 x month 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Call

Lifetime access to the online course which will be expanding every month with new content


Here’s what you would pay for each separately:

  • Group coaching calls over 3 months = 24 hours @ $100/hour = $2400
  • 1:1 Coaching calls over 6 months = 3 hours @ $300/hour = $900
  • Online program = $2500
  • Lifetime access with expanding new content: PRICELESS

Value = $5800

BUT you will not have to pay $5800


I am offering it to you for $3600

Pay in full today for 20% off and pay only $2880


Pay in three installments of $1200

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Here’s what you will get in the online course which will be expanding every month:

  •  A-Z on Mindset
  • A-Z on Clarity
  • A-Z on Perspective
  • A-Z on Branding
  • A-Z on Re-engineering Your Sales
  • A-Z on Positioning
  • A-Z on Productivity
  • A-Z on Systems
  • A-Z on Team Building
  • Dominating Sales Sessions
  • Lead Generation
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At 7:00pm on Sunday, August 1 this offer will expire and the price for this program will be going up to $4320!


For coaches, consultants, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who are

  • Sick and tired of throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks, playing small, and are ready to scale their business to six figures and beyond
  • Ready to live 100% aligned with their purpose and
  • Ready to create the business and life of their dreams
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About Sandee Sgarlata, your host: 

Sandee is an award-winning author, host of the Happiness Solved Podcast, certified life coach, former US National and International Figure Skating Coach, and has been helping people create lasting changes in their life for over 20 years. She has started several successful businesses and took her IT Recruiting Company to over seven figures in just 18 months.

In her new book “Happiness Solved: Climbing One Hundred Steps” she shares her personal tragedies to demonstrate that no matter what your daily struggles are, you can learn to get back to a place of peace and happiness. 



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Pay in full today for 20% off and pay only $2880




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